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Global Export Solutions & Import Solutions.

Lake Shore Global Solutions offers expertise in both export and import compliance. We understand that managing imports and exports can often feel overwhelming or complicated; this is why we deliver on the execution and reporting of export shipments in accordance with U.S. export requirements, destination country requirements, and any other applicable laws or regulations. We keep our customers informed of regulatory changes and trade alerts. Our expertise in global export solutions and import solutions applies to the following common documents:

In terms of import compliance, LSGS focuses on areas of duty and tax estimates, import declarations, remote location filing, drawback, reconciliation, and importer security filing (ISF). We offer assistance with the following documents:

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Cargo Insurance That Protects You From Product Damage & Loss.

It is reported that 30% of all freight damage in transit is unavoidable, and most losses occur on the way to or from the ports. The FBI also estimates that up to $30 billion in cargo theft occurs every year. These causes of loss, and much more, are fully covered by Lake Shore Global Solutions’ cargo insurance coverage. Without cargo insurance, you may only recover a small portion of what your cargo is worth, but our company can provide maximum protection of your freight.

The cargo insurance offered by LSGS provides the proper coverage necessary for your shipments. We understand that accidents happen, and we want to protect you from unforeseen circumstances, which can often include:

  • Fire (unless caused by fault or knowledge of the carrier)
  • Acts of God (heavy weather, earthquake, lightning, hurricane, tornado, etc.)
  • Acts of war
  • Acts of public enemies
  • Strikes, riots, & civil commotions
  • Insufficient packing or inadequate marks

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cargo insurance

International Logistics Consulting.

LSGS is a leader in domestic and international cargo shipments. Therefore, it is imperative we provide a level of logistics consulting that exceeds your expectations. Our domestic and international logistics consultants utilize their expertise in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and organization to identify common logistics problems; after doing so, they can develop the most convenient and economical solutions for your shipping and storage needs. This service has assisted customers who are getting into a new trade, exporting to a new country, sourcing new suppliers, or evaluating their supply chain.