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Leaders in Domestic Freight Shipping & Dry Bulk Transportation

Lake Shore Global Solutions takes the steps necessary to ensure that our domestic transportation solutions remain timely, efficient, safe, and economical. Our high-quality domestic freight shipping starts near Erie, Pa. and is customized to fit your cargo, goods, raw materials, and large equipment shipping needs. These capabilities benefit from the additional services we offer, including full cargo insurance, superior logistics consulting, and more.

Domestic Transportation

Domestic Freight Shipping & Capabilities.

Timely FTL Shipping

LSGS’ Full Truckload (FTL) shipping services utilize flatbed trailers and step deck trailers, with a focus on making use of their full space. Our partner carrier network’s drivers consistently meet all appointments while hitting timely pickup and delivery to the 98th percentile. These top-rated services are available across 48 states and Canada, with options in Mexico.

Partial Truckload & LTL Shipping

Our company facilitates competitive pricing on all of our Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping services. Specializing in partial load shipments, LTL shipping utilizes van trailers while PTLs utilize vans, flatbeds, step decks, and RGN trailers, costing you a fraction of the price of a typical FTL shipment. These deliveries are made possible by a team dedicated to ensuring your cargo reaches its destination in a safe and efficient manner.

Cost-Effective Dry Bulk Transportation

LSGS provides domestic dry bulk shipping that is customized to meet our clients’ needs. Whether you’re shipping cement, silica sand, flour, or salt, our partner carrier network will develop the most cost-effective domestic shipping strategy for you. Their extensive fleet of dry-bulk trailers allows us to service projects of any size.

Heavy Haul & Large Equipment Shipping in the U.S.

LSGS’ specialized Heavy Haul division focuses on customers with a need for diverse, individualized transportation. We utilize open flats, step decks, RGN trailers, and multi-axle configurations for oversized goods and large equipment shipping in the U.S. Our company facilitates a fast turnaround time on quote requests as well as streamlined continuous communication throughout your cargo’s journey.

Food-Grade & Non-Hazardous Liquid Shipping

Our experienced team of coordinators and carrier network specializes in transporting food-grade, non-food grade, and non-hazardous liquid through the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Specialized Expedite Services in the U.S.

We utilize cargo vans, straight trucks, and sprinters in order to expedite your domestic freight shipment. These services include reliable, safe transportation intended to maximize your speed and cost-effectiveness. Our specialized team of coordinators offers real-time updates to ensure 24/7 customer service availability.

Intermodal Transportation Solutions

LSGS’ intermodal solutions provide cost-effective shipping to all ports and rail yards across North America. Intermodal transportation saves time and utilizes less fuel to deliver your goods, lowering your shipping costs and reducing your carbon footprint. These services are accompanied by regular updates from our fully equipped team.

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