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Time-Sensitive Shipping Solutions in Houston, Charleston, & Beyond.

Lake Shore Global Solutions is dedicated to getting your time-sensitive shipments on the first available flight out. We provide expedited freight services, lending to the time-sensitive shipping of your cargo and getting shipments to their destination as early as the same day. For those who do not require some form of expedited shipping, LSGS offers deferred air freight services at competitive prices. We handle standard service deliveries utilizing a variety of shipping solutions in order to consistently provide timely and cost-effective service.

Air Freight

Air Charter, Consolidation, & Additional Capabilities.

Cost-Effective Air Charter in Houston & Charleston

In order to achieve the time-sensitive and efficient results we deliver on a regular basis, LSGS utilizes air charter services. By doing this, we optimize our international shipping capabilities and present our customers with the quickest delivery options available.

Door to Door Shipping, Airport to Airport, & Beyond

The air freight forwarding services offered by LSGS are direct to a consignee. We can guarantee our shipments arrive on-time at their rightful destination. This guarantee arrives with both our door to door (warehouse to warehouse) services, as well as our airport to airport services, which can effectively save you transit time, cost, and effort.

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